About the Network

About the Network

A national network of global learning providers

As a national partnership of local development education centres (DECs), The Global Learning Network is the largest provider of global learning at the local level in England and the Isle of Man. Each of the member DECs is an independent, locally based, not-for-profit organisation whose core work is the support and delivery of global learning in schools and communities.

The members of the Consortium work in nearly 80 local authorities that together include more than 13,000 schools–more than half the schools in England. Every year, Consortium members reach thousands of teachers throughout the country through training, classroom support and project work.

Each DEC promotes and supports best practice in global learning through CPD training, whole-school initiatives, advice and access to projects and resources for sale and for loan. Each DEC defines its own areas of work in response to local needs and enquiries, usually working with schools, teachers, local authorities, youth and community groups, universities, volunteers, and adult learners.

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